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Gain Funds News Updates




Greetings to you from all Gain Funds Executive.

You will agree with us that a lot has changed on your platform since inception. While there were many days everything was running smooth with no hassles, there were other days that we all struggled with one thing or the other. Truth is, we are not perfect, but we promise to serve you to the best of our abilities.

It is common knowledge that some of us are still finding it difficult to understand our uniqueness and how are gifting/compensation plan works as we keep getting complaints from participants asking us to further explain it to them.

Also, we will like to bring to your notice some recent changes which you will observe, and we will want you to know that they are not abnormal but have been like that from inception, only that waiver was granted at the early stage for members to enjoy and taste of the benefits before restoring it to the original. Some of the major changes you will notice include:


      Gain Fundation levels is made up Six (6) stages and Sixteen (16) Levels. Each of the stages is made up of three (3) level listings except the last and final stage which is just One (1) level listing. The stages and levels are:
      Pearl Level (25 Team Members TM)
      Opal Level (50 Team Members TM)
      Jade Level (100 Team Members TM)
      Morganite Level (150 Team Members TM)
      Sapphire Level (200 Team Members TM)
      Onyx Level (250 Team Members TM)
      Peridot Level (300 Team Members TM)
      Rubellite Level (350 Team Members TM)
      Topaz Level (400 Team Members TM)
      Tanzanite Level (450 Team Members TM)
      Emerald Level (500 Team Members TM)
      Ruby Level (1,000 Team Members TM)
      Spinel Level (2,000 Team Members TM)
      Turquoise Level (3,000 Team Members TM)
      Zircon Level (4,000 Team Members TM)
      Diamond Level (5,000 Team Members TM)


      Referral Commission works like this.
      There are Six Referral bonuses for six generations.
      When you refer someone directly, it is known as first generation; when that person refers someone, it is your second generation and the person's first generation, and so on... up to sixth generation.

      The six levels of referral bonuses are spread into the six stages so that when one is in:
      1. Stage one, they can only earn bonuses for their first generation;
      2. Stage two, they will earn bonuses for their first generation and second generation only;
      3. Stage three, they will earn bonuses for first generation, second generation and third generation;
      4. Stage four, bonuses for first generation, second, third and fourth generations;
      5. Stage five, bonuses for first, second, third, fourth and fifth generations;
      6. Stage six, bonuses for first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth generations.
      The referral bonuses are:
      1st generation = N1500
      2nd generation = N500
      3rd generation = N300
      4th generation = N200
      5th generation = N100
      6th generation = N50


      Special level bonuses as listed on our site remains thesame.
      Eligibility for each bonuses is also spread into the six stages.
      Apart from level one (Pearl) made up of 25 Team Members (TM), eligibility for the other two levels (Opal and Jade) requires that TWO of you TMs must have attained previous level.
      Eligibility for levels in this stage requires that THREE of your TMs must have attained previous level.
      Eligibility for levels in this stage requires that FOUR of your TMs must have attained previous level.
      Eligibility for levels in this stage requires that FIVE of your TMs must have attained previous level.
      Eligibility for levels in this stage requires that SIX of your TMs must have attained previous level.
      Eligibility for the level in this stage requires that SEVEN of your TMs must have attained previous level.

    Finally, we encourage you to keep up the good work and never loose hope because Gain Fundation is designed with sustenance and longevity in view and do not forget to send all your complaints, observations and contributions to our online support.



What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), is a business model where independent contractors buy into a company and earn a commission for doing little tasks set by the company. Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses because the profession allows people to be their own boss, set their own hours, and work towards their own success. It is a big commitment, but network marketing can be a very lucrative career.

Benefits of Network Marketing

      ~ Requires little capital for startup
      ~ You can always talk to people at own convenience
      ~ You earn what you work for and also from what others work for
      ~ Earnings is to infinity
      ~ A business that gives residual income
      ~ No bills to pay, no hidden charges
      ~ Can be operated from any location, home, car etc
      ~ Sustainable Secure System
      ~ One time chargeable registration fee
      ~ No logistics required, only your ability to convince people
      ~ Has produced the highest number of millionaires worldwide
      ~ Educational qualification is not a militating factor
      ~ Leveraging on your team effort
      ~ It creates a platform for you to extend aid to others
      ~ Creation of Adaptive economy, independent of nations economy
      ~ No gender or age bias
      ~ Early Retirement
      ~ Fancy Vacations and Amazing lifestyle
      ~ Synergy creation among new people
      ~ Leaving a legacy for kids and your next generation


Here are some tips on how to be a good Network Marketer and earn yourself cool cash:

      1. Embrace knowledge for the business and do a lot of personal development. When i train my proteges, i push them into a network marketing business to learn practical entrepreneurship skills. You don't learn driving by reading a book, you learn by actually practicalizing it. It's the same thing with entrepreurship.
      2. Learn to be confident and believe in the system, confidence is everything when trying to convince people to something new.
      3. To get people easily, use the internet, social media, blogs, and emails and educate people on your network marketing business e.g. by sending your referral link with a little information about the network marketing programme.
      4. Always readily offer your time and presence where possible to your downlines, let them have a means of contacting you e.g. phone number or email.
      5. Treat networking marketing as a business and you will surely reap its rewards.
      6. Master network skills and be a professional. Engage in extensive research and read books if you truly want to make money.
      7. Take full responsibility of your Network Marketing business. It begins and ends with you.



Greetings to all Gain Fundation Nigeria participants, it is without contention that Gain Fundation has continue to pave the way where others failed as our network has greatly improved in the past few months. This seeming increase in the numbers of participants has led us to further restructure our chain of information flow so as to get every participant updated and involved. Hence, the need for State Representatives (StateReps).


      1. National and global recognition.
      2. Receive 20% of whatever amount of gift items disbursed to participants at own location.
      3. Special bonuses to accommodate expenses acquired while performing functions.
      4. Win prizes per task set by Gain Fundation which has been successfully completed.
      5. Promotional prizes/special awards, dinners, live tutorials and get-together parties.


Duties that StateReps carries out shall include but not limited to:

      1. Disseminating information directly received from Gain Fundation to Merchants under them and to participants in our platform.
      2. Coordinate campaigns, seminars and outreaches for Gain Fundation in conjunction with the Merchants and participants within their areas of command.
      3. Create office(s) on behalf of Gain Fundation to attend to questions, comments and observations by participants in that vicinity, distribute ACTIVATION CODE and also REGISTER new participants.
      4. Deliver gift items won by participants within their area as shipped-in by Gain Fundation.
          5. Return feedback, inputs, complaints and observations made by participants within their area of command to the right channel and ensure that a suitable response is delivered.


To qualify for the position of a StateRep, participants are to meet the following requirements:

      1. Must be an active participant who has at the least attained the Pearl Level which constitutes a minimum of 25 people.
      2. Must have conducted at least three seminars, campaigns, lectures or outreaches on Gain Fundation even at a very small scale with video, picture documents and participants attendance list to prove.
      3. Must have an office space or be willing to setup one to reflect the image of Gain Fundation.

    Kindly note that the position of a StateRep is not fixed and is liable to change according to tasks successfully completed and license to operate as such can be withdrawn if one has been proven to partake in malicious activities thereby sabotaging the good image of Gain Fundation.

    Gain Fundation – Uplifting people is what we do!